Triple Threat Triathlon

2020 Race CANCELLED due to Covid-19
We look forward putting on our race for you when permitted by local health guidelines.

The East Beach at Birds Hill Park is the start and end of the race and where you register upon arrival.  The man-made lake here is great if you’re nervous about your swim, most adults can touch bottom at most points in the lake. The bike portion has rolling hills which provides a nice little challenge but not the bigger hills like Kenora or Riding Mountain. The run is along the trails around the East Beach area with no large inclines.

Race Distances

Oympic Triathlon
1.5K Swim / 40k Bike / 10k Run

Olympic Aquabike
1.5k Swim / 40k Bike

Sprint Triathlon
750m Swim / 26.k Bike / 5k Run

Sprint Duathlon
3k Run / 26.6k Bike / 5k Run

300 Swim / 13.3k Bike (1 loop of the park) / 3k Run


Birds Hill Park lake. Course is marked by large buoys – 1 loop for Sprint, 2 loops for Olympic. Try-A-Tri swims one 300m loop. The water depth varies from 0’ to 6’ and temperatures between 16C to 20C in early June. Wetsuits are likely to be allowed.


Our Fan Friendly bike course will be using the complete North Drive / South Drive loop. Olympic distance does 3 loops of the park (40km). Sprint distance does 2 loops of the park (26.6km). Try-a-Tri does 1 loop of the park (13.3km).

At the end of each lap, each cyclist must come back down into the start of the bike course at the East Beach parking lot/ transition area as part of their loop before heading back out on the North Drive again. Don't just keep carrying on doing loops and missing the chance to be cheered on in the transition area at the end of your loop as you also won't have completed the mandatory distance.

The cycling course is not closed to vehicle traffic. Birds Hill Park requires competitors to be off the bike course by 10AM.

See map for more detail regarding bike out and bike in from Transition.


The run course exits transition on a short grassy section that leads to a paved bike path with rolling hills.  Athletes will enjoy forest, plain, and wetland views as they make a circuit looping close to the lake.  3km runners will bear left before the lake, 5km and 10km runners will complete an out and back section that is both paved and gravel around the lake.  The circuit is completed once for 5km, and twice for 10km.  See map for further details.