Triple Threat 2021 Virtual Triathlon

Thanks to everyone who participated in our virtual triathlon.

Stay tuned for information about our 2022 race. We are planning on an in person event in June 2022!


The East Beach at Birds Hill Park is the start and end of the event. The man-made lake here is great if you’re nervous about your swim, most adults can touch bottom at most points in the lake.

The bike portion has rolling hills which provides a nice little challenge but not the bigger hills like Kenora or Riding Mountain. The run is along the trails around the East Beach area with no large inclines.

Race Distances

Oympic/Standard Triathlon
1.5k Swim / 40k Bike / 10k Run

Sprint Triathlon
750m Swim / 26.k Bike / 5k Run

Sprint Duathlon
3k Run / 26.6k Bike / 5k Run

Choose Your Own Challenge
Do an Aquabike, a Try-a-Tri, or do three different sports of your choice!


Birds Hill Park lake. Please Note:  A swim course marked by buoys will NOT be set up, but you can estimate that once around the first two fountains is about 750 m.

1 loop for Sprint, 2 loops for Olympic.  The water depth varies from 0’ to 6’ and temperatures between 16C to 20C in early June. Wearing a wetsuit is up to you!

TTTC Adult Swim Course_2020

Note:  there will be NO TRANSITION AREA set up.   It is suggested you secure your equipment in your car after each leg of your challenge event – think of this as a chance to catch your breath!    If you have family cheering you on, perhaps they can watch your equipment – please don’t leave gear unattended


The bike course uses the bike lane of the complete North Drive / South Drive loop. Leaving the East Beach parking lot up Festival Drive, turn right at the stop sign, onto the bike lane.

Olympic distance does 3 loops of the park (40km). Sprint distance does 2 loops of the park (26.6km).  1 loop of the park  is 13.3km if you include Festival Drive to and from the parking lot.

In order to complete the full distance listed, turn back down to the East Beach parking lot and loop around before heading back up Festival Drive and out on the North Drive again.    



TTTC Adult Bike Course_2020

However, if the East Beach parking lot is very busy when you are there, we suggest you skip going down to the parking lot and keep carrying on doing loops for safety.

The cycling course is not closed to vehicle traffic. Please stay in the bike lane and keep 2 m from other cyclists.


The run course starts on the paved bike path towards West Beach.  Athletes will enjoy forest, plain, and wetland views as they make a circuit looping close to the lake.  3km runners will bear left before the lake, 5km and 10km runners will complete an out and back section that is both paved and gravel around the lake.  The circuit is completed once for 5km, and twice for 10km.  See map for further details.

TTTC Adult Run Course_2020V2