What is Multi-Sport?

The focus of the Triple Threat Triathlon Club is on triathlon (swim/bike/run) for Try-A-Tri, Sprint, and Olympic distances, however, there are many variations of these events so there is something for everyone! Below is a guide to the types of races you may see at a triathlon/multi-sport race. Please note our Birds Hill Triathlon race has some of these variations but not all. See specific races to see which types of races are offered. Actual distances may vary by race.

Try-A-Tri (or Super Sprint) – Swim 300m/Bike 10km/Run 2.5km

Sprint Triathlon – Swim 750m/Bike 20km/Run 5km

Olympic (or Standard) Triathlon – Swim 1500m/Bike 40km/Run 10km

Cross Triathlon – Swim/Mountain Bike/Trail Run. Distances can be sprint (Swim 500m/Mountain Bike 12.7km/Trail Run 3.75km) or Olympic (Swim 1000m/Mountain Bike 25.4km/Trail Run 7.5km)

Long Course/70.3 Ironman (or Half Ironman) – Swim 1.9 km/Bike 90km/Run 21.1km

Ironman – Swim 3.8km/Bike 180km/Run 42.2km

Team Relay – Teams of three people. Each person completes a different leg of the race (e.g., one person swims, one person cycles, one person runs). Distances can be sprint distance (Swim 750m/Bike 20km/Run 5km) or Olympic (Swim 1500m/Bike 40km/Run 10km). Select 70.3 Ironman courses will also offer team relay.

Mixed Relay – Teams of four people with two men and two women on the team. Each person completes a Super Sprint distance (Swim 200m/Bike 10km/Run 1.6km).

Duathlon – Run/Bike/Run. Distances can be Try-A-Du (Run 2.5km/Bike 10km/Run 1km ), Sprint (Run 5km/Bike 20km/Run 2.5km) or Olympic (Run 10km/Bike 40km/Run 5km). Sometimes the longer run is first and sometimes it is last.

Aquabike – Swim/Bike. Distances can be Try-An-Aquabike (Swim 300m/Bike 10km), Sprint (Swim 750m/Bike 20km) or Olympic (Swim 1500m/Bike 40km)

Aquathlon – Swim 750m-1000m/Run 5km