Board of Directors

The team’s Board of Directors consists of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, plus three Members-at-Large.

President Nicole Dunn

Nicole joined Triple Threat in 2018 on a bit of a whim. She was looking to improve her fitness, try something new and challenging, and meet new people. Triple Threat has been a perfect fit! She loves the training, achieving personal goals, racing, and socializing with team members. With expert and supportive coaching from Coach Tom, Nicole has moved from “I just want to finish” to “I want to do much better at my next race!” The triathlon community is full of happy, positive, and supportive people and they are all so inspiring! How can you not fall in love with it?

In her first year of triathlon, she did two races. In her second year, she did almost all of the Manitoba races. Nicole races in Sprint distance and trained for Olympic distance during the pandemic. She joined several teammates on Team Canada for a Sprint distance race in Montreal in 2022 and qualified for Worlds in Germany in 2023. 




Vice President Bronwen Davies





Other members:

Treasurer:                        Jerry Buckland
Secretary:                        Jordan Smith
Members at Large:          Gwen Smoluk; Riva Symko; Dean Morriseau (Also Race Director)