Triple Threat 23nd Anniversary Multisport Weekend

Sunday, June 9, 2018

Course Info


Located on a grassy area adjacent to the East Beach Parking Lot. Only numbered athletes will be allowed in transition. Athletes are asked to only bring items that will be required during the race into transition. Bike racks are marked according to event - 4 bikes per rack. Athletes are asked to rack their bikes in the appropriate area according to their race category. Please note that transition will only be opened up again after the last athlete is off the bike course.

Please note: Access to and from the East Beach parking lot will be regulated starting at 7am until approximately 10:30am. Please follow instructions from race crew and officials.

Swim (see map)

Birds Hill Park lake. Course is marked by large buoys – 1 loop for Sprint, 2 loops for Olympic. Try-A-Tri swims one 300m loop. The water depth varies from 0’ to 6’ and temperatures between 16C to 20C in early June. Wetsuits are likely to be allowed.

Bike (see map)

Our Fan Friendly bike course will be using the complete North Drive / South Drive loop. Olympic distance does 3 loops of the park (40km). Sprint distance does 2 loops of the park (26.6km). Try-a-Tri does 1 loop of the park (13.3km). 

At the end of each lap, each cyclist must come back down into the start of the bike course at the East Beach parking lot/ transition area as part of their loop before heading back out on the North Drive again. Don't just keep carrying on doing loops and missing the chance to be cheered on in the transition area at the end of your loop as you also won't have completed the mandatory distance.

The cycling course is not closed to vehicle traffic. Birds Hill Park requires competitors to be off the bike course by 10AM.

See map for more detail regarding bike out and bike in from Transition.

Run (see map)

A scenic and challenging 5km loop. The first 180m is on grass from transition to the Pine Ridge Path. This winding asphalt path climbs through the trees then descends into the West Beach parking lot. The course continues through the West Beach parking lot, to continue on the Pine Ridge Path around the west end of the lake. The runners then take a left hand turn onto an undulating gravel path for an out and back trail section on the south side of the lake.  Runners return around the west side of the lake on the Pine Ridge path, then make a right hand turn on grass/mud to join up with the public walkways on the north side of the lake, passing the west beach concessions, then joining the gravel path leading to the East Beach parking lot and the finish line.  Olympic athletes complete 2 laps and Sprint athletes complete 1 lap. The out and back section on the west and south side of the lake is omitted for Try A Tri and the first run for Sprint Duathletes. Sprint Duathletes will complete the full run course for their second run. The course will be marked and volunteers will be directing runners.

Finish Line

The finish line is at the end of the gravel road, close to transition. There's plenty of room for friends and family to cheer you across the line. The recovery food tent is located close to the finish line and features a variety of snacks, water, and sports drinks to replenish your glycogen stores.

Finish Line Aqua Bike (see map)

The athlete must complete the usual T2 process of racking their bike and removing their helmet, then proceeding out of transition to the finish line.

By Mail:

Triple Threat Triathlon Club c/o 140 Stanier St. Winnipeg, MB R2L 1N3